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Walt Disney World Classification Assessment Dates for 2018


To: Those Concerned Date: December 12, 2017

From: Quinn Mangis
Kelli Whitman
Phone: 407-827-7327 (8-363)
407-827-7330 (8-363)

Subject: Classification Assessment Dates for 2018

Looking forward to next year, we have developed a schedule for the Classification Assessment program for 2018. Following are the dates that have been selected:
Area Ride Show Technician Classification Assessment
 March 7, 2018
 September 12, 2018

HVAC/Refrigeration/Kitchen Technician Classification Assessment
 March 14, 2018
 September 19, 2018

Attractions/Assembly Mechanic Classification Assessment
 May 2, 2018
 November 7, 2018

Computer Ride Show Technician Classification Assessment
 May 30, 2018
 November 28, 2018

Facility Industrial Technician Classification Assessment
 September 12, 2018

These dates, all on Wednesdays, are scheduled well in advance to enable your Cast Members to be aware prior to requesting their vacations and personal holidays in 2018. These dates are firmly in place and should not change. Information regarding how to sign up for the assessment will be sent to the areas four weeks prior to each assessment date. Please make sure your Cast Members are aware of these dates so they can plan accordingly.

Thank you for your assistance with this communication.